If I'm on borrowed time
that just means tomorrow’s mine
you’ll find the hardest rhyme i’ve ever spit in the marble mines
...my music you can throw on in a bind
grab the mic i’ll chop it off and claim your arm is mine
....I think i might be a verse addict,
i thought your kung fu would get better over time but now youre worse at it
the purple flame in Urkel’s name I burp sulfur
stop rapping and give me the mic back your turn’s over
It’s still Trek,
I’m hip hop’s version of Data,
so much ass I get,
they call me a nerdy Fela
lead the revolution from the front
but eat these brownies first, you’ll be high for a month
...first they’ll ignore it, then they’ll say the timing’s off
...then try to bribe but won’t have the money to buy me off
it’s not the voice, it’s what you tried to do with it
...They would rather see me rap to pursue riches
...not out on the streets
or trying to help my fellow man not to drown in the sea,
they say there’s people here that don’t know why
that’s fine with me
at least while they’re here we can open their eyes
i’m trying to see
a change of state
the kind of change Obama was too afraid to make
he was bought off
just to alter California pot laws
even though the major use had dropped off
if you do your own thinking it’s not hard
if you don’t you might end up peppered sprayed in the backseat of a cop car
the end is not far
...still you want to be a rock star,
passing hungry people in a hot car,
i wanna be Rygar
Fight for the future from an 8-bit perspective
The loss of history is our greatest depression
...i wanna know what part of Africa i come from
.they want me to work hard and pay taxes to someone
while they tap in to some fund
funnel money into the process that we could use to have them undone


from Type II : The Mandelbrot Set, released October 14, 2012
Produced by Walrus Mageever (@WalrusMageever)


all rights reserved



Greydon Square Phoenix, Arizona

City on the Type of Forever... is coming...

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