Type II : The Mandelbrot Set

by Greydon Square

Galaxy Rise 04:02
"Somewhere in the #GUniverse" Wanted! Schrodinger’s cat. Dead or alive proclaims the cosmic guardian that’s embedded in time I’ve been perusing information since the planck epoch and 13 billion years later i remain epic you probably fly on complex planes if you feelin’ me my rhyme sequences escape me and race to infinity lyrically, what I spit is self similar energy, within every rhyme and next syllable you know he’s the next mr x so lets kill a bowl Don’t spit if you can’t generate, a fresh millivolt every rhyme that I kick displays a fractal revealing hidden landscapes at different scaling patterns star view? no it’s a galaxy rise but appears as a bottomless pit with a maddening dive to us a black hole’s just a gravity slide we went about our lives as the last reality died but you weren’t here yet you weren’t even a fluctuation of quantum weirdness while we were perfecting art, song and lyrics, our earliest artilects surpass the abilities of your gods best you don’t even have a math for the silliness of the objects 2nd Verse there’s hints of our existence on your moon, a compendium, but you can only reach it when you’re on the shrooms you type 1’s just defeated your flesh thinkin you fresh while we keep planet eaters as pets ....early on, you almost killed your selves the craft you built, might as well be equipped with sails compared to us you’re just snails, a jest to the scale ...we get to meet every alternate version of ourselves travel the Pleiadian cosmic ruins while snackin’ on extra dimensions nobody uses for amusement in 3 dimensional time where we jump forward freeze moments even rewind you speak of divine while we just see a primitive mind trying to explain what it can’t in limited rhymes we are the reflection of life in the night view a galaxy rise, this is what awaits you at type II
4th 04:06
Verse 1 Forget about the interviews and the many views forget about the industry and the silly feuds im deep inside the peoples mind trying to seek and find the only thing that really matters, what you leave behind ....don’t look to the charts, the media to measure me you shoot for the single, i’m playing for my legacy fuck an award, if it aint for changing the world then I don’t want it no more I’ll burn a bridge just to open a door scratch an itch just to open a sore let’s pack a swisher, just flow and record we no longer ignored so before you ask, it’s all for the music ...the result of my past, the cause of my future it will no longer last as long as our hubris the movement, should be knowledge, and how we pursue it until then, we’re lucky to tread water with broken sons, and emotionally dead daughters keep the daddies, they’re lookin for rare fathers the only ones still, left strong enough to dare bother outside looking for someway in bringing with me a generation of unraised kids ...and you have a harder time thinking that they exist but don’t have problem with believing a creation myth ...don’t plead to me, you should take the fifth cause you won’t know just what your spending, until you pay for it Chorus Let’s get together minds like we did before in this endeavor, time is what’s getting short it’s now or never, let rhyme help us steer the course let’s give a future that our grandchildren will endorse the only matter the line, when you know the score what makes you think a closed mind could help you open doors Every album i create I want to show the world it’s hard to sell em on a first when you’re on the fourth Verse 2 This is an example of translational motion More flow than a basin, river, lake or ocean Type II should be an ancient notion but it’s not, we scratching at .8 just hoping the world doesn’t go pop like corn kernals how many more entries you got in your journal? ...You’re distracted by the sex appeal me? The infinitesimal rotation of vector fields the seventh seal isn’t heaven revealed it’s you testing it everybody ready to build a new reference sever the old and new testaments that just got the best of the fools who accepted it the lesson is no one has a monopoly on the truth, not a church a god a party not even you ....we need you to paint the canvas and help us plug the holes of our own understanding **Chorus** Verse 3 this isn’t the end it’s just an event like the beginning anybody claiming they get it is just pretending I’ll tell you this, if creativity is infinite the truth is the allowance allotted and how you spend it and not about how you meant it i’m not going through all of this shit and not leaving an imprint ...to quit this in a fit is senseless i meant it when i said no spit then wrists slit but you still tried to recruit me in your shady cult i refused, now i’m the leader of the slave revolt ...dispatch your legions to quash the rebellion the punishment that we face, our arms and legs nailed in ...talking secretly of peace watching great speakers often thinking it was me Don’t speak of defeat, it sabotages victory go and learn what you need, to satisfy the mystery *Chorus**
Verse 1 You think there must be a secret to tight music all we do is find dope beats and write to em ...see half of the battle is waged with self the other half is the audacity to blaze a trail the most mind porn side of the rabbit hole that’s hard to depict though like Calabi Yau manifolds the fact people actually think that i’m dope ...make me not even wanna let you see what I wrote Don’t tell me that I made it email me that you hate it tell me I didn’t blaze it tell me i’m over rated ...some even say the case presented overstated even though I came evidence and showed it with equations you think I care that you dissin me? i’ll sabotage my own success just to make sure i live in peace ...infinity, is just a description, like spittin what you do with it determines interest Chorus (x2) ...snowflakes and flowsnakes all I want to do is write rhymes and smoke dank most days creativity wont wait Its the universe and I study the whole thang flowsnakes, snowflakes and dope breaks you dont have to think what i do its ok but choose you over this no thanks you can do whatever I'm going my own way 2nd as agents of the police state prepare to move in, they will do whatever it takes to prevent the zoom in and you spend your time thinking i’m the problem like the bling era, an ice age long forgotten yea i’m wrong for the appeals for evidence often testing it, all of the physics references would you have a problem if i said that it was heaven sent? nah. that’s why your whole position is irrelevant Not all ideas are created equal that’s why we use what we do to educate the people ...arrange words in a way that’ll make your brain hurt and aim to explain existence within a single framework fuck a name’s worth, if you just copying another man that came first these lame jerks, would rather me be somebody else than come original this used to be a crime in hip hop, now it’s the typical 3rd Verse they laugh because half of my new cd, is more than compatible with lattice qcd ....i have to make it the message has to be extrapolated and translated into languages of affidavits shatter proof wormholes suckin matter through my main research and you want me to halt to battle you? track you down from your longitude to latitude from the morning dawn ill have you caught by the afternoon ...i’m mr fantastic in my lab with all of my gear, to you it seems like a labyrinth ...you’d get lost before you caused any damage i’d probably end finding you on a whole ‘nother planet i want to be inside the research that I leave behind not being sold as a tshirt by the reefer guy I didn’t open Pandora’s box i just peeked inside, and saw a world where a plant had been legalized
Peace Peace 03:43
...me, i get lost in the music apart from the foolishness i dodge as youth in a locked institution, an animal, far from the humans 80’s garbage tossed in a huge bin ... the universe was art for the viewing we are one now but i was scarred in the union-> every runner up has a Starks and a Ewing you just play the part of the chewing... ...It’s like, i’m living a part in a movie this is the scene where i’m sparkin’ the doobie with the audience arguing and booing partyin’ and moonin’ grabbing sexual partners of their choosing why so serious? you won’t be here that long and since i’m not I choose to spend my time makin rap songs ...maybe hit the glass bong try to enlighten with music while hoping that people latch on Chorus The bottom looks even worse when you’ve seen the top ...what we blazin here is nothing, you should see the crop watch another take his place when the leader drops it’s only what you read about, peace us when see us out Peace peace try to remain in control when you weave the route i don’t care if she think that i’m ugly, music thinks i’m hot i dont need to be a star I just need a spot thats why whenever happen you upon me man i’m peace’n out peace ask people, I’m an asshole when it comes to music and i’ll remind it comes before you like there’s nothing to it ...not doing what you love is foolish on the cusp of stupid why would you not, when you love to do this? ...my dedication you could never doubt ...Can’t keep a girlfriend, but i can keep puttin’ records out these days, i’m only focused where my flow goes that’s why i’m no longer nice to women that I don’t know on the road so, much things tend to move in slow mo but so quick you couldn’t take a photo just hit em with the pound gee yoo logo how far out you want to go though? load the ship we now leave for Qo’nos that’s why our final gig was a no show we were doing warp in the promo trying to get as far from the ozone as you and your crew are from a dope flow after leaving our mark on the whole globe Chorus The bottom looks even worse when you’ve seen the top ...what we blazin here is nothing, you should see the crop watch another take his place when the leader drops it’s only what you read about, peace us when see us out Peace peace try to remain in control when you weave the route i don’t care if she think that i’m ugly, music thinks i’m hot i dont need to be a star I just need a spot thats why whenever happen you upon me man i’m peace’n out peace this aint no career it’s a way of life til you say goodnight you understand when you pay the price late at night i stay awake and write instead of rage and fight in the cage of the stage and lights I can take a hint, you don’t want me reppin ya ...you don’t want hip hop to do with nothin’ secular ...you just want the regular, coke and a 7-up more boring flows from another clone that’s stepping up ...that’s what I try to explain to these hecklers that where I’m from you either prey or predator where ignorance is your main competitor expressed in all shapes, races, types, and characters prepared to bust ...............................most of my fans don’t even like rap ...hopefully after me, they’ll know some nice tracks blow the crowd away throw the mic back then throw some light facts in the verse to excite cats, despite that...
Flower Girl 04:20
I woke up, on my day off feeling robust bout to toke up, with my main dog who’s a grow buff he knows stuff nobody knows about the cheeba grow yields every month from indicas to sativas roll over to his phat bachelor pad he holds everything edibles hash wax and dabs crash on the couch, bout to go half on an pound pass it around mp3 blastin the sounds Thick jars with more colors than them Pixar flicks are roll up the swisher and hit the spliff hard a good day. What? You aint seein’ me in 2k.... throw it in. Lob City versus LA? touche ...get a game or two chillin with my favorite crew, the flower girl embedded in everything thing we do we came we blew, the la got our chests locked pound of fresh pot and now I’m out to the next spot ....Then it’s peace and i’m off in the wind trying to avoid the law enforcements again why pretend im high and my eyes are glowing red but rather seeing them I notice other things instead ...like where ever I go everywhere i look it’s... (Flowers Everywhere)x2 like where ever I roll and everywhere i’m lookin’ (Flowers Everywhere)x2 Super blunted on the way to get some munchies my mind wandering between space and something crunchy ...So hungry I could eat a whole a planet if the year was 05, I could eat a whole Janet when you in the store lit everything looks gorgeous ice cream or chips with dip, even oranges even ladies in the store looking eatable the flower girl type have yo ass cooking vegetables she says she knows a party blooming with green and she’ll probably be appearing with two of her team I said cool hit me up and we’ll come through headed home thought about her smile over some food she probably thinks i’m just the type to hit and run quick that i’m just lookin for a place to get my blunt lit wait til she finds out i’m just a musician just trying to get the vision of his mind out through his lyrics and have you listen ...but now i can’t stop thinking about the flower girl that I met that evening plant seekin inviting me out for mad chiefin’ that promised every room in the house would have weed in she text me when got there said everybody had their... (Flowers Everywhere)x2 with everybody rollin up and the party growin (Flowers Everywhere)x2 Every party, seems it’s the same Everybody’s got drink but finding weed is a pain but that wasn’t the case when I dropped by this flower party I even ran into my pot guy over bob marley so much smoke in the house the air was clear barely.. joints, bongs, blunts even dabs snare me i’m fairly certain behind the therapy curtain they’re barely workin’, this function was eerily perfect Once I felt a tap on my shoulder it was over I knew it was her, turned around and she was holding a super blunt hit held in her lungs she came closer, had me then inhaling the sum great company, atmosphere, a ton of weed flower girls all over the house that want to puff with me right now I just feel lucky to be like the plants i was lucky to chief, with my peeps ...We didn’t leave until the sun rose up all night, breathing trees with some fun folks games music drinks even dumb jokes brought to us, by the flower girl everyone knows We walk out, in the early morning and all we saw was (Flowers Everywhere)x2 and I notice the first thing I wanted to do was smell the (Flowers Everywhere)x2
Feat. Lady Assassin, Syqnys, Tombstone, Johnny Hoax, Gripp & Task Rok Lady Assassin That’s right toss your bible, you won’t need it for survival/ We’re the heathens kickin reason for the pagans standing idle/ Propaganda shit is viral, idiotic suicidal/ So I guess we gotta come and wipe this shit out like a tidal/ No bridal, I fuck cause I can/ I refuse to take orders from invisible men/ Oh you say being gay wasn’t part of his plan?/ Then why the fuck he give little girls the parts of a man?/ (I’m just saying) Syqnys So you don’t girls that’s alright you’re gay but you don’t like men, alright ok so you join the priesthood kinda hide away they find you with lil chucky watching child’s play it’s ya boy Syqnys, you know i’m as sick as Christopher Hitchens’ esophagus is I mean was that’s not a diss to hitch you got it twisted if you thinkin that’s what this is this is a vicious and a little malicious diss to religious ignorance so get this jehovah’s witness and his holy scriptures off my off my porch before I go and roast this witless kid and mormon missionaries cork it with ya little Joseph Smith and his little bogus visions yeah coke’s delicious it’s a hell of a drug Now tell your wife to put the soap to dishes and sow my britches come on man Michael Vick didn’t even have this many dopey bitches i hope you get this there’s no forgiveness for the pope he gives his cardinals permission to grope some kids man it’s so seditious but i hope the pope goes to the pokey with his little silly hat can an atheist really rap can atheist people actually really be feeling that can a hillbilly eat a philly that’s filled with cats? huh? did that make more sense than your silly ass they say the world was created in seven days thats a weak story, get it a week story c’mon Grey, can’t you be stoppin the beat for me every time I say something dope Grey: “here sorry” they say there’s no atheists in foxholes they must have never heard of Greydon in the Army Greydon Square Please pardon the A.D. part three artsy emcee solving equations in Farsi to bob marley’s catalogue the world never ended you had it wrong kids of the 5th babylon sending you and your cattle on mastodon stomp every single track i’m on i have the form, to destroy any rapper who face me you hate me and its war? Fine go get the A team oh you want to save me, it’s only the same thing Christian Muslim Jew all on the same team ..a mad tradition of last the prediction that’s indicative the of fear manipulation and ass kissin that results in cash sent in that they used to escape taxes with in the pews spittin sacrilege im from the system where the bastards lives taught the people how to challenge the machine and now they’re activists sure as Kobe scores there will be a holy war declared in some godly name while someone’s asking show me more ...they wonder where all hip hop artists went cuz ya’ll often spit softer than kenny lofton hits define all of this, my hypothesis is i rose from Apocalypse’s sarcophagus pissed ....GU logo on the rocketship with everyone watching it knowing stoppin it is sheer preposterous (Tombstone) My rhymes are toxic when they get exposed to oxygen and probably responsible for the death of a lot of men and most acknowledge the folly of taking shots at him or acting disrespectful and risking a mad leviathan see your philosophy doesn’t mean a lot to me cause 2 times out of 3 it was used to excuse atrocities another prophecy equals another failure another priest reaching for little kids genitalia oh...so now you’re offended....you say you repented claim a message from a god but I think you pretended besides...your god’s arms are much too short to try to box with mine so stop lying trying to claim he inspired your rhyme we don’t believe you....you're needing more people enough to stuff the church till it burst the church steeple (plus) you lack intelligence...your gospel is irrelevant sit inside your sermon and heckle you for the hell of it how many times you’re gonna let them fill your mind with fear with end world prophecy and obviously we still here no zombie apocalypse ain’t tumbled down on top of us and all that mayan calendars stuff is just so preposterous go grab a slice of life and while you’re at it grab it twice and ignore the bullshit that you’re hearing would be the best advice those dudes are charlatans … it’s time to make examples of traveling shit salesmen with mouths full of samples (Johnny Hoax) Come acknowledge the liberation in the right hand of science You can ditch the holy books found on the nightstands of tyrants I'm not impressed with cupcake critics and false skeptics Kirk Cameron, Lee Strobel, William Lane Craig apologetics Seriously insufficient and it clearly shows Unless you peer review seeing Jesus in your Cheerios I feel for those who know it's true amd still oppose Inner dilemma like Euthyphro livin' on fools gold I got your god in my sentences with a lower case "G" with an "S" in parenthesis to honor polytheistic liberties It goes beyond that, psychics and palm readers Astrology charts toppin' the list of con artists tryin' to cheat us Thick in the mix is every one of your leaders And the only one I can respect is comical Buddy Jesus Takin' moral high ground in support of wrongful action I see now the irony touche' Wonka caption Maintain your freedom to practice remain peaceful But fuck religious freedom if it's only to enslave people I pinpoint it as the suspect and the culprit and let Bruce Almighty shit on that psuedo scientific bullshit (Gripp) This is so raw/ the atheist roll call// So watch us get it open like crowbars// 'Cos even a little jab'll give 'em a broke jaw/ We go hard// and make their little leap of faith look like a pole vault// A battering ram we jam against oak doors// stand planted with cannons/ Approach ya'll/ We're famished// but on a roll with some cole slaw/ Word to the pope// we're 'bout to give them our own good news: Tom Brokaw// They call us interlopers/ but I've never been as focused// 'Bout to jam my penny loafers/ in their colon 'til I kick the Stouffer's// Science is sexy; I belong on a pin-up poster// These religious nuts pop up like toast or some mini-gophers// You think there's any hope at all? Lose the foolish pride// drop the holy books, and pick up some Grand Unified// Look at things through your human eyes// (not the crazy ones). Get off the losing side// I'll leave 'em stir-fried: Moo Goo Gai Pan/ You know who I am// Rhymes make live bands/ skip beats like, "God-damn!"// And I'm still tryin'a pick which person to murk// 'cos beating me's Dawkins using his last words to convert// So if there is a god, he's surely depressed/ that all these atheists// are certainly blessed/ Never stop for air; I take circular breaths// and when I step off the stage all the curtains are wet// from the perspiration. I'll flood the fucking Earth with my sweat// Go make an ark for that/ or go and make the seas part in half// anything to validate or prove the way your martyr acts// 'Til then, I'll be causing heart attacks/ on any garbage rapper// with a harder act/ An artist'll get carved in half// And for all of ya'll predicting the rapture:// ya'll get on my last nerve/ Pulling us backwards// Alright then, I guess I'm done killing stuff// My apologies, Greydon. That's been building up// (Task Rok) I think it's easy to believe in a lie. Some people are high and looking for a reason to die. I'm not concerned with a being in the sky. I'm not concerned with anything that falls apart when my reasons applied. I don't believe in anything except my people and I and the truth with a proof when repeated and tried. I believe some people are evil inside, & their guilt makes 'em go and find a steeple to hide. It's 2013, we need to decide religion is dead; Too many innocent people have died. It's over. All of us are waking up, it's obvious they made it up to politic and make a buck. Stealing lands, execution of the infidel. Self prophesied evolution of a living hell. I found happiness and everything I did myself. Y'all can say or prayer or throw a penny down the wishing well it's over.
I used to be good. Just weed and a bag of chips now i’m more fascinated by DMT and Acid Trips A partial cosmos. We live in just a patch of it i’m more into the symmetrical negative that matching it we don’t know where reality stops it could be a simulation or a sanity lost I talk but my family of thoughts is dysfunctional i’m lost just like everyone else, i can’t punish you lowercase c represents light speed all these subliminal hints to Type III might be just a pipe dream inside the mind of a fried group home kid psyche these aren’t parts they’re images of the whole we are stardust. A ship? assemble it and we’ll go be apart of the trip the membership and the goal from the start we’ll put into it heart until we’re old Chorus we grow too old soon, and too late wise useful lives full trying to escape time a few remain just to hang with the great minds the most insane work and strain ‘til it’s break time you remain claimless, I’m a stake mine i didn’t become famous, it became mine i aimed to have my story carved into the cave line that’s why we playin for tomorrow while today’s fine Don’t want to be viewed like a prized athlete, ....as long as I change one life with my music then i’ll die happy this is the curse of the creative person the integrity of the art or just to the chance to sign your name in cursive if you don’t love money they say you’re worthless aimless waiter servants waiting on the industry like table service to give em able purpose write their rhymes for em and lay their verses ...and you wonder why the game has worsened ...Guys battle even less than before I’d rather leave an easy lesson for all before I exit this world ..and the only thing I’d regret is that I didn’t discover earlier how to be fresh ....with the lyrics and the bar schemes blame my situation its part environment part genes and it’s part me I’ll admit it hip hop was my wife, my mistress composition Chorus we grow too old soon, and too late wise useful lives full trying to escape time a few remain just to hang with the great minds the most insane work and strain ‘til it’s break time you remain claimless, I’m a stake mine i didn’t become famous, it became mine i aimed to have my story carved into the cave line that’s why we playin for tomorrow while today’s fine if you ask me, i’m dying in the studio just play the last thing i was working on at my funeral it’s not who you know, it’s what you do with what you have we were out seizing the day while you were home puffin grass wait, that was me instead of you learning from the things I always plan but never do nope, that was you instead of me believe me you don’t want me as a true celebrity because ill start tellin’ the people they never needed the record labels, politics, gods, or corporate media they know they’ll have to answer things when I come in how many ideas stolen from a slave or a woman? why are you still making a big deal when the blunt’s lit? you wouldn’t raise a fuss, if it was another substance So just quit. Adjust and relate I feel like this is all stuff that I learned too late but... Chorus we grow too old soon, and too late wise useful lives full trying to escape time a few remain just to hang with the great minds the most insane work and strain ‘til it’s break time you remain claimless, I’m a stake mine i didn’t become famous, it became mine i aimed to have my story carved into the cave line that’s why we playin for tomorrow while today’s fine
Prison Planet Chorus ...You should never be surprised when you get attacked, you’ll know all the freedoms they took from you when you get em back when in fact they were never yours to begin with this is a prison planet you’re serving a life a sentence enter prisoner 092881 no particular kid of interest nobody’s great son so he enters the system’s revolving door on day one, comes out a menace the armed forces gave a gun sent him to war without warning him the images he’d store from then on would now torture him brought his hyper awareness back to the rear a soldier who still feels active missing half of his gear, blood money they trade for his education so he can learn to describe a state with one single equation his idol Carl Sagan, his outlet hip hop he wants to be a physicist, he wants to wreck shop sittin at the pawn shop watching the clock stuck technically a free man, but still feels locked up As a result of social conditioning he actually has something to say but no one is listening Chorus x2 ...You should never be surprised when you get attacked, you’ll know all the freedoms they took from you when you get em back when in fact they were never yours to begin with this is a prison planet you’re serving a life a sentence He’s institutionalized on two fronts deals with his PTSD with crude blunts the civilian reality is too much so much he hasn’t left his house in 2 months his mood jumps from dealing with rude cunts attitude fronts and them asking to do brunch every morning wakes up from the same dream his fate seems, status quo the same thing with chains free to tight walk the fame beam he sabotages all the success his name brings ...it’s the baggage of the guilt he walks around with the psychological scarring you can’t heal with counseling feeling guilty bout the fact he actually made it, wants among the greatest while he shuns his medication munches education while he punches on the pavement cuz he hates it imprisoned by the past he’s escapin’ Chorus x2 ...You should never be surprised when you get attacked, you’ll know all the freedoms they took from you when you get em back when in fact they were never yours to begin with this is a prison planet you’re serving a life a sentence Another inmate who wallows in his misery ....the prison is his thoughts, the cell is his history watching as the world passes him by with every plan to escape foiled he happens to try sabotaged, by himself. he’s the main saboteur he’s the cellie he’s the warden he’s the guard at the door ...he looks at all his cell mates like their kin ...the guy he was fighting with the shank that was him-> in the same crap as him, just trying to see the outs equally as blind trying to lead each other out ...expecting every single opportunity to fall through Its like being caged but you have the key somewhere on you ...and he’s tries to break the cycle but he can’t -> there an unraised pent up rage he doesn’t get ...and for every him, a million just like him born of war, group homes, jails and gang violence Chorus x2 ...You should never be surprised when you get attacked, you’ll know all the freedoms they took from you when you get em back when in fact they were never yours to begin with this is a prison planet you’re serving a life a sentence
Interstellar 04:03
Verse I I live a musically embedded life in this time i’ve forgotten better lyrics than you’ll ever write All original i’ll never bite with Andy Mac choppin up better samples than you’ll ever slice we wonder how you get to bed at night waking up in sweats, feedin’ off our fever like a parasite I think there’s evidence to verify, that you aint really the boss, you seem like the small errand type simplify the only way they gon’ understand it why even I try, these dummies destroy their own planet its not my rhyme, just in time before the world ends its actually my rhyme that causes the world’s end think about it, we still discover pyramids city sized tetrahedrons that were really hid you feel me kid, you’ll find them if you really dig but you wont, you’ve resigned to be a Guinea pig Verse II Grab the weed, wrap it up in a banana leaf, keep it lit, while I’ll try to spit a masterpiece I even asked which of the lines were most packed with heat they copy and pasted the rhyme and sent it back to me, Every time I try my hardest when I sit and write, while you just want to work and party you’re a different type headed to another place on a different flight lyrics coming up shorter than a midget’s height I’ll spit a hundred times to get it right, Just to make sure i’m shivering cold like I skinny dip in ice on a Michigan December’s night You tried to pitch a strike but I hit it into a drifting kite, ...You know I’m always lifted right? Hit the spliff from the early dawn, to when you kiss your kids at night Unified to achieve perfection You should side with Mr X, go get blazed and ask the deep questions Verse III I’ll barely rhyme and make you use your mind its kind of hard to play chess when you have to announce your moves in rhyme only music is the true divine, ….while you worship human ignorance the foolish kind ….as a non believer they call me insufferable well I’m sorry I’m in trouble for not being gullible i hear you trying to talk to me like I'm another fool but its easy to have faith when you have a stomach full ...only bullies run the school claim they leave no child behind while they implement the dummy rule i was supposed to die at twenty two a mercenary in Iraq, Al Ramadi, in the money tomb how the hell you going to sell me on a master plan friends still in the service facing down Afghanistan I’m Magneto in the Savage Land with my dream and frienemy trying to sell it to the average man
1-2,1-2 04:25
1, 2, 1, 2 Chorus You To Wong Foo Me spit quark gluon soup and of course still do Kung Fu while you find a fool to run to i grab the mic and 1,2,1,2 ...You see some rule to me a new roof to punch through if it’s war, then you use sun tzu oh a mic? yea I use one too it’s all about the 1, 2, 1, 2 VERSE 1 No labels, no gods, no fables if I ain’t able to spit just put me in my grave hole ...I’m a free man that’s why they call me a heathen the reason? cuz I like analytical thinkin’ this Mongolian beef with little seasoning get a piece then sit down and sink your teeth in i’ll be the first to admit, that i’m not perfect but if i spent my life making music it’ll be worth it ...and I don’t need a girl at all fuck pussy, I’d rather give the world a song label’s get the middle finger just as quick I’m independent, let em try to touch my shit if it was dope now it’s a crack habit that’s why I’m back it like everybody thinks I’m bad at it until this shit ends I’ll spit with vengeance ...shit on dope beats like old people do to Depends you fawn over porches Armani and leather while the strong nuclear force holds my rhyme scheme together I’m sick with the flow like I live on a boat you should track that pitiful rhyme behind a temporal cloak ...this kind of hip hop has a different approach instead of women and gold, it’s a victory pose a statement against shit we oppose if this was poker you couldn’t bluff hard enough to get me to fold Chorus ...You seem confused Just leave us to make tunes before we break you and ya lame crew Give an inch and these chumps take two that’s why we bust the 1, 2, 1, 2 Trust that we’ll meet up soon You know aint dope you snuck through if it’s fuck us, then it’s fuck you we tell to em to spit but then none do they couldn’t touch our 1, 2, 1, 2 Verse 2 Face the truth we’re just apes with nukes A raging debate over faith ensues Wait til they break the truce while thinking you safe, watch em bring the drama straight to you it’s too late with no time to react at all catch you sippin on a 40 watching basketball this wont last at all I just want to bring intellect to a jamming song while they laugh at ya’ll I teach checker players how to play chess teach a chess player Go while I’m blazing the sess now follow you know it’s 2012 when your neighbors see a black president and 5 white Lakers, at staples just leave me to my major keep everything else including your Christ savior I’m still the type to fight for thy neighbor though cut through everything that I face like light sabers yo ...This is the old republic ...you better warn the public especially rappers with a swollen budget producers known to love it, when i kick the physics ...what you thought my whole career was about dissin Christians? Ha you fell for the gambit i drop hot shit like rocks that fell to the planet ...So don’t get popped dropped and shelled by the cannon where you standin’, if you can’t spit then put ya man in Chorus they fuss cuz I threw up truth just, wait until GU comes through with a new blunt for me to puff through DMT or even mushrooms I’m a crush the 1, 2, 1, 2 rebuffed yet I get love too mix the old school with sumnthin new some don’t want it here yet some do as far as me i don’t know about you forever rep the 1, 2, 1, 2 ...You To Wong Foo Me spit quark gluon soup and of course still do Kung Fu while you find a fool to run to i grab the mic and 1,2,1,2 ...You see some rule to me a new roof to punch through if it’s war, then you use sun tzu oh a mic? yea I use one too it’s all about the 1, 2, 1, 2 they fuss cuz I threw up truth just, wait until GU comes through with a new blunt for me to puff through DMT or even mushrooms I’m a crush the 1, 2, 1, 2 rebuffed yet I get love too mix the old school with sumnthin new some don’t want it here yet some do as far as me i don’t know about you forever rep the 1, 2, 1, 2
Name another packing this much inside a melody secluded, but when I emerge you’ll get a better me I’d rather die alone, than to, without a legacy you, would rather brag about fools committing felonies truth, just gets ignored in lyrics, a bigger penalty screw a hologram my music fulfills my memory ...those aren’t stars they’re galaxies that you’re looking at i knock planets out of their orbit with a wooden bat ...what do you see when look at rap? just a hook and crap? we weren’t impressed so we took it back-> I blame everyone who didn’t demand a better sound the new generation, the elders even let us down ..too hip hop for the community too secular for the hip hop community to know what to do with me they foolishly underestimated what I created now they hate it enraged the outcast became the favorite CHORUS you would’ve thought that things would’ve changed but they still sell us saviors and still let em weigh us down you’d think we’re just a link in a chain but they still separate us and still want to break us down we’re still on a journey in the making our purpose for the shaping that’s not too late to turn around Don’t let em put the world in the matrix control the information exposin’ the game in town i specialize in particle physics and time folds I got numbers big enough to swallow a god whole when I rap I spit a fifth state of matter in fact i’m Black Bolt. Speech is the most lethal weapon i pack one whisper in your direction would put you through a mountain boil the water underneath you and cook you in a fountain you aint no where in the multiverse that i’m found in even though i’ve searched clusters and star systems by the thousands they challenged me to tune a verse to the perspective view of the elders of the universe see if you could do it first to move the earth using words isn’t too absurd especially if you’re used to moving tools to the lunar surface the fool emerges from the school with a dual purpose As a teacher but also tool merchant ...wander the globe disarming his foes with his heart held within his palm, his karma enclosed ...his aura glowing orange and gold and he can calm anybody who says that they aren’t sold with a poem ...this is his mission, to live as a musician as you listen to him converting parsecs into inches ...a reward for a brain that’s info seeking ten more reasons for him to study and then he’ll leave em’ a leap into the unknown they might honor to go to infiltrate the next globe with life on her
They used to call me the super gross, but now its Duck Butter we started off as strangers but now we blood brothers the 5th horseman it’s none other the catholic church could’ve prevented this with just one rubber silly abstinence challenged by active raptivists these rappers actually fear these ideological savages this is aimed at the sheeple, the pawns of the Vatican who fell for Pascal’s gambler’s fallacy law of averages what you would see if you lost the baggage galactic structure so big, you don’t even know that you’re lookin at it update your status to say dude is insane, ...even on the tracks where he isn’t using his brain, I was writin lyrical songs before you cats discovered it back before bishop Eddie Long was having sex with kids and out of court settlements, you can go and tell him that we never needed his god, go somewhere else and peddle it ...I’ll quit rap once the world ends until then, you gon’ just get caught up in the whirlwind because i’ll show you real sin you’ll witness horror first hand like Osama Bin Laden’s girlfriends Chorus ...they say we’re in a fallen state downplay accomplishments, only highlight mistakes that we often make then want to tell us to walk which way how to talk and play even though most of them walk astray save your judgements we’re off today you want to judge you can take a closer look into your author’s ways cuz i’ll look into the darker shade see you all afraid of the ghosts from your father’s age We’re all murderers literal war criminals i’m not cynical i’m just making it more visible mentally wounded vets seen between long intervals lost in the bitter cold ward of hospital rooms ...the operation is launched no more subliminals generational war we’re coming for your general how the hell is the base of our mountain your pinnacle? information more valuable than gold or emeralds or your toted centerfold over we should have been done thrown any government every throne ...the old man said listen “there’s people counting on our brothers to keep set trippin” prison industrial complex, a fresh sentence Chorus x2 ...they say we’re in a fallen state downplay accomplishments, only highlight mistakes that we often make then want to tell us to walk which way how to talk and play even though most of them walk astray save your judgements we’re off today you want to judge you can take a closer look into your author’s ways cuz i’ll look into the darker shade see you all afraid of the ghosts from your father’s age
Rhyme sickness from Orion Cygnus i can teach an ant quantum physics if it wants to listen ….and I’ve got equations that allow you to star hop If Doom is Worf then call me General Martok tougue is bat’leth, while the beat is the bird of prey if ever challenged to battle i’ll never turn away lookin for heat without a thermometer search near me Digital era, i name my songs search queries it’s not surprising you find inquiry violent your frightened because I write to the enlightened in science that’s why i dare you say something don’t make me come back and collapse your wave function for trying to play tough when you should’ve been reading fact checking peer reviewed teachings using some basic logic in your reason it’s open season on this think tank heathen from the deacon’s region, where no beacon of reason reaches the deepest secrets, are meant to be relinquished by the teachers and not to be hoarded by the preachers a galaxy quest we survive to tell the tale I’m glad that we left, they made the planet purely hell enjoy the star view from our rear view mirrors the secrets of the universe encompassed and sealed in lyric it’s good to be home calculate our seeds to be sown throughout the cosmos a ship powered by kickin’ raw flows the culture hip hop a gift to my decedents a species built from scratch on honor knowledge & forgiveness you take my blunt, I’ll be back with a flask right back in the back of the lab dabbin with Task i’m only the first officer of the flagship who gon’ say somethin’ to me besides the Captain I seek deeply in order to speak freely a combined mind of one Einstein from each species regress your path and go back through the frame we rep the Mandelbrot set like its an actual gang throw up hand signs every time you drag up our name even if established and famed I’ll battle for change ...this comes from inside, so channel it like i do everyone dies, what you do alive that defines you we’re meant to rhyme from beginning of time the only real battle begins and ends with the mind
Chorus x2 Metaphor swordsman split em with the chorus them i’m horse drillin em injectin’ em with some more venom i’m forcing em to learn scores of a portion of the total knowledge that the universe has afforded Verse I I make classic tracks without saving and then delete em I throw my metaphors into space and then retrieve em I make em think that they have a chance and then defeat em Grand Unified inspires a higher thinkin’ miles higher than the empire’s spire entire much colder than hagendaz breyers and dreyers when I flow, I use perpetual motion to go when I stop, those who witnessed say I’m reputable, we brought the wired mics, turntables with stickers on em We took the Wu Tang Philosophy we and built upon it when we form its like von nueman galactic swarm super intelligence attracted from every corner instructions how to reach em redacted on every forum, people leaving the planet faster than you can warn em, flippin’ bosses birds, packing all their belongings me, I'll be launching from Compton California Chorus x2 Metaphor swordsman split em with the chorus them i’m horse drillin em injectin’ em with some more venom i’m forcing em to learn scores of a portion of the total knowledge that the universe has afforded Verse II Imagine a moment, you’re the thing that’s made of light ...from your perspective of speed, any where, zero time. we on to warp drives you still use propellers how you intergalactic? you struggle with interstellar ...we’re barely scratching surface there’s no mistakin’ it cuz at the smallest scales no objects only relationships im not a star i’m just another sun who cant finish a rhyme cuz im too busy starting another one if you think i’ve started i’ve just begun all the stars in the sky i’ve labeled and numbered em even calculated the circumference and mass of Gliese 721 all while I was locating another one they brush you off cuz you think ignorance is lovely and love me because I promote system of discovery ….which isnt even legal in your country you sneak it in and bump me and secretly enjoy me like a junkie Chorus x2 Metaphor swordsman split em with the chorus them i’m horse drillin em injectin’ em with some more venom i’m forcing em to learn scores of a portion of the total knowledge that the universe has afforded Verse III i posit existence insular quanta ...an island of quantum energy we seem to be stuck on I charge my attack like mid 90’s anime just in case you reach for the mic to blow your hand away you don’t have enough time to chart the archives and not nearly enough space to fit on your hard drive i don’t use tiny words like the media You think you know, then I send you back to wikipedia you mean you flow, i didn’t even know you were inferior you didn’t even broach my radar or my interior students of Wu Tang modern under a new name redefining music, while y’all just eat the poon-tang ...and see as how i’m Liu Kang, and you lame, do thank, that walking zombie you pray to you aint facing me right now in mortal combat sport more than contact so annoying should’ve worn a top hat your flow’s boring stop that, before your momma hears you ...how is misrepresenting our culture not an issue and that’s not to diss you that’s an open question and constitutes misuse how you gonna respect it they act like hip hop is over the message and chose a necklace said yes to mainstream and said no to the essence but in essence it’s what you ingested and was left with no longer a threat and marked off of the checklist ...for us a deathwish for them it’s a respite as expected didn't take long to make the connection it's Greydon Who timed the pace to expand as fast as violent space during inflation for rhymin's sake ...when gamma rays go I fuel the burst my newest verse was old during the early universe spewin flow at such hot temperatures got to cool em first
If I'm on borrowed time that just means tomorrow’s mine you’ll find the hardest rhyme i’ve ever spit in the marble mines ...my music you can throw on in a bind grab the mic i’ll chop it off and claim your arm is mine ....I think i might be a verse addict, i thought your kung fu would get better over time but now youre worse at it the purple flame in Urkel’s name I burp sulfur stop rapping and give me the mic back your turn’s over It’s still Trek, I’m hip hop’s version of Data, so much ass I get, they call me a nerdy Fela lead the revolution from the front but eat these brownies first, you’ll be high for a month ...first they’ll ignore it, then they’ll say the timing’s off ...then try to bribe but won’t have the money to buy me off it’s not the voice, it’s what you tried to do with it ...They would rather see me rap to pursue riches ...not out on the streets or trying to help my fellow man not to drown in the sea, they say there’s people here that don’t know why that’s fine with me at least while they’re here we can open their eyes i’m trying to see a change of state the kind of change Obama was too afraid to make he was bought off just to alter California pot laws even though the major use had dropped off if you do your own thinking it’s not hard if you don’t you might end up peppered sprayed in the backseat of a cop car the end is not far ...still you want to be a rock star, passing hungry people in a hot car, i wanna be Rygar Fight for the future from an 8-bit perspective The loss of history is our greatest depression ...i wanna know what part of Africa i come from .they want me to work hard and pay taxes to someone while they tap in to some fund funnel money into the process that we could use to have them undone
my lyrics describe the physics of the next time yo, the collisions are even measured in electron volts see, you’re trying convince me to find some some Jehovah me, I’m trying to find the same god as Spinoza most of the universe, hydrogen and helium galaxies in the billions, traces of beryllium inhospitable to most life that we experience that’s why we use loose the terms eternity and infinite but really everything experienced is finite i got the got the jaws of life ready to pry open your mind like, ...start at tiny large numbers a couple 1,000,000,000,000 another zero you can stack at the end each one represents another factor of ten grow it ...fractals is where the mathematics begin have to explain in dimensions below the one that you’re in and show it this is grossness, fecal matter over dosage soakage ...every emcee is a poet but not every rapper emcees and you know it ill believe in miracles when I see a mainstream rapper perform a lyrical, without lookin’ pitiful I spit it uber-stupid with less viscosity than super-fluids zero friction between me and the music ...people say “the words you use are too long for us” scientists say the words I use aren’t long enough Peace to all the emcees that’s using the brain we flow the same way like longitudinal waves my quantum state “dead and alive at the same time” rhyme on the bass line violates space-time and causality here’s somethin’ baffling there’s a galaxy for every star in our galaxy …I bet you didn’t catch it for the really big books, I’ll go under the mattress ...we put the gods of yesterday in their respective place you’re no closer to eternity then you were yesterday ...you just get fly, I’ve been known to levitate my crew is like individual quarks we don’t separate knock on my door to debate your leave with three cds that’ll probably end up changing your faith its Greydon no your god didn’t send you to come here to save him that was your church, they need some more people to pay them with hell, love gets lost in the message I’ll send you back to church with more questions than you left with in a second at my steps talking about salvation I need saving like you need Carl Sagan while you have no idea who that you facing the only rap played inside the space station amazing exploration our faith, beware of the rituals I’m of the senior staff, your red shirt expendable you would take the away mission point man position listen! but you won’t, so you’ll get it right before the scroll of the credits down the rabbit hole past the quantum foam we jetted Let me hear you say Grand Unified! say Grand Unified! say Grand Unified! Now Scream! Let me hear you say Hip Hop lives! say Hip hop lives! say hip hop lives! Hip hop lives.
Ultra Combo 03:13
Me I bathe in the hotness you eject now from cockpit how you lames going to stop this i’m freeing slaves when I drop shit you better keep feeding them hell before people the people learn to think for themselves while we give the masses the painful truth and watch the people rebel This a whole new style of kung fu big hole when punch I through the 1-2 boom bap track i subdue with the attack.... Spit habitual little did you know spittin flow is a ritual a lyrical cynical approach to see you all at the Pinnacle i roll with the grand unified theory movement where if its not sick lyrical knowledge kicked then its useless ...you find solace in the foolishness of the industry me I find the freedom to say what I want pleases me I'm not an insecure god i don’t need people to believe in me i just need a beat and my creative mind tuned into the right frequency Muslims & Christians like me secretly plotting global sabotage meanwhile trying teach me about decency they say read from this book and take heed from the crook that preaches and say “hey heathen look! Look how the love from our god reaches” Even though programmed to believe this craziness they eat it and tell us we missed the tastiness well praise jesus, mohammed and intellectual laziness me i’ll lay venus while you and the great horde concern yourself with what a man does with his penis rage war use that bigotry you learned in church to hate more cuz’ you know all it takes is reason to slay lords Quiet or we’ll break yours it seems the 4 fundamental forces were more important than your pulpit’s bad sales pitch control is the real culprit hip hop made up of retro lyrics and fresh dope beats unified fundamentals like the electroweak they want to know the great unknown we’re sayin let’s go see you want to hang out in the kiddie pool I’m screaming let’s go deep Next you’ll scream several mean terrible things that we’ll need our specialty’s definitely wrestling with greed you protect the regime i reflect on the question & dream you resign to accept the routine Gone are the days that we all slaved over rhymes for the masses i guess i didn’t pass this class that we all had our ass in fasten your seat belts or you might fly out a label wouldn’t ever have enough, money in their wallet for a buy out substance over style still you took the cheap route i stay in the fox hole under fire trying to peak out ...how dare you compare me tactics meant to scare me you thought it was a death blow when it actually struck me barely cuz I parried ….wiley weird flows by this weirdo on a scale my rhyme’s thermodynamic temperature is zero consuming like a supermassive black hole overloading the stack flow 1000 unified minds storming the castle come one come all as we stand here on the precipice if you ain’t dedicated to the integrity what you sayin is irrelevant if knowledge was a fetish you would never get none you just might as well be celibate i’m an elephant stomping through your residence with my regiment ...Hip hop won’t ever end that’s why they got mtv on tv trying to sell you a better trend a verified myth, that labels are the answer and we need them a paradigm shift, accompanied by a new of wave of reason that’s why they need us to believe in, cuz their taste varies often and it changes with season
I’m the creepy guy in the trench coat following you the homeless guy on the side of the freeway bothering you i tried to signal, but you didn’t pay me no mind now i call like a bill collector til you pay me on time ….I’ve got the skill to describe your morphogenetic field and yet and still go back to the math for a better thrill we took all of our collective forces and unified it you read the bible, and that isn’t even pseudoscience you think i’m afraid of Islam like i’m shook nervous I’ll torch a quran with my lyrics fuck a book burning these blacks accept the religion of the slave master... but they wouldn’t accept it if you were a gay rapper why is it when we want to move forward we face backwards our community’s sick, religion the main factor you have such a problem with gays and transsexuals what if I told you that we are a trans-intellectuals you’d probably flip, deny that you’re a member call for those who think like me, to be dismembered ….something you picked up from a former era spreading religious love in the form of terror pipe down pick up a book right now of an opposing view you might find out ...everything aint you what you thought it was there are no others everyone’s apart of us (Chorus) There’s just an illusion of something different the very reason they keep telling you something’s missing but whatever it IS you won’t get from one religion I hate to break it to you, get your coat summer’s ending... There’s just an illusion of something different the very reason they keep telling you something’s missing but whatever it IS you won’t get from one decision I hate to break it to you, get your coat summer’s ending... There’s only so many legal moves when you’ve seen the rules you wonder how they have so many people fooled I never thought when I was young in class that I would be scribbling in chalk on the walls of the underpass some might ask, how’d did happen how’d you get there? most people think that i’m yappin’ when I sit there and just stare at traffic rappin’ just to get their half a second of attention span as they spend years rentable, to the highest bidder in a bidding war disappear from 9-5 then act like I’m invisible pitiful, wanna be pimps players and centerfolds in it for the cash and status and yet their miserable ...i’m not homeless i’m just off the grid be happy if i was on it i’d be off’n kids i think the problem is, “we” aint being honest i’d rather live like shit then to pay for shadow conflicts we aint broke it’s the system that is broken this->is a modern day plantation and you know it manufactured patriotism makes asking questions about secretive initiatives just as dangerous as seals on a secretive mission secret prisons people still in even paranoid transients see the villains sure I hear voices, telling me inhale the weed and always peer forward wandering this scorched earth ....just looking to score something to eat get out of the rain, a blanket and somewhere to sleep ...wondering if this alley and box is going to pan out, all you see is another grown man with his hand out ...nothing to my name except for some books while the cops watch everybody except for the crooks ...and the people left on the hook, be like “ho-hum” plus they get to pay for it too. This is so dumb A balancing act with peace as the fulcrum But what would I actually know? I’m just some smelly old bum diggin through old crates feeding on bread crumbs just another mother’s broken son who’s head’s gone ........fumbling a basket mumbling some racket under that bridge, where a normal man becomes a savage one man’s peace is another’s madness, You keep the illusion, i’ll just settle for a jacket
.7 02:41
Here we go Look You can roll the with crowd, I'm a call societies bluff Hip hop is a political volcano trying to erupt When you search my music on google, actual science comes up These rappers get on the mic and just start lying and stuff The industry is like the NBA's executives man, Its hard to get a fair shot with Donaghy reffing the game But it's cool, I'm a kick back, and kick it in school While the rest of these cats turn on radio listen to fools You can dig pretty deep, if your given the tools, Just don't be all that surprised when your given the news All I really said was that your god didn't exist, And you got pissed enough to get out there and make you a diss People get sensitive about shit that they know is ridiculous Like religion, astrology and political differences Spy-ware on your computers that phone homebase With information from your emails to your hard drive space They know exactly what it takes just to get at you Blood being spilled over diamonds and PS2's They don't care they throw their Golems in with the Pikachu's You gotta be some type of idiot to believe the news Heavily trained soldiers with no war, No soil to defend no turf or home base People still dying over beliefs and folklore With closed doors that really only lead to no place 200 Miles to the gallon we got it But major corporations bought up the licences and shelved the product Lately the FBI has been in you basement These are the symptoms of a type zero civilization I'll do a song featuring the elusive Higgs Boson Inside the Large Hardon Collider in case something goes wrong Just give a call anywhere in the world I'll be there tomorrow Weather your trying to smoke or you need me to brawl Just don't think your going to do something like I'm new to the pavement I put in work and smoke that budda like a rude boy Jamaican I keep on telling you, letting you know how ruthless this game is But you keep on insisting on being so stupid and famous Rappers braggin loud how they smack hoes But break down to tears when you tell them there's no heaven Scientists out in the desert creating black holes But on The Kardashev Scale their only a .7 Aliens would be stupid to visit us Cause all we do is bicker fuss and fight over little stuff Earth dying around us, and we to busy to give a fuck We are the inhabitants of Terra Firma, this is us Soldiers don't get the credit just Generals Justice departments are just a corrupt as the criminals Maybe if we were more direct instead of subliminal The damages being caused to Hip Hop would be minimal It's time to take it back Yea
As a Legend 04:27
it really boils down to who loves the craft if its cold in the real world, then passion is my jacket i want to conjure silly mind breakin rhymes that you cant express without the error notation sign that’s what Greydon Square stands for something you sacrifice not appealing to the dance floor they told me that I can’t soar yea, like a lion can’t roar trying to cope the legendary status I planned for chasing legends so I rap crazy spittin crap that you would never expect of a mac baby another 80’s crack baby claiming rap saved him the whole package. Half Genius. Half crazy Rap or hip hop what’s the difference? they represent the craft with coonery and we’re sick of it so we’re deliverin’ more cerebral rhymes for modern medieval times where justice is redefined and governments feed us lies is he your enemy? tell me when see his eyes i’m on the case i’ll let you know when I reveal the guise hip hop’s a building about to blow and i’m still inside i’m the lump in your throat when you feel it rise that why your voice belongs to them if isn’t yours there’s more money in the treatments than there is in cures i only have a short time in this silly world that why i invest in my rhymes instead of silly girls fuck a groupie she could never understand me this my movie that’s my name up on the damn screen i put my heart, mind, body and soul in every project This isn’t Greydon it’s the group home kid Eddie Collins about to a make promise and bout to state it honest til the end to my fans i’ma pay you homage and i’ll never exploit my music to make a profit that’s like Andrew Jackson hanging out with Davie Crockett that’s like tea baggers, and progressives socialising it rarely happens like gettin boards over Rodman in the end, I want to be a hall of famer who flew under the radar hardcore like Danny Granger after all my lyrics they’ll rewrite laws of physics while accumulated haters claim its all a gimmick in 99 I received an email from myself saying you can’t do this alone you gon’ need some help but music comes first second everybody else do it for the passion never do it for the wealth and it was signed by a dude named Greydon Square i was still Apocalypse consumed by anger and fear so i didnt care i just kept gang bangin’ doing the same thing nothing in life changing compassion of the shelf blaming everyone else knock you out at the drop of a hat i needed help i think i was in a search of self but in denial the military the same shit a different pile that’s a missionary relationship you on the bottom while the killer instinct that they turn on they don’t turn off You really want a ticking time bomb working your office the socially awkward battle tested poetry author, What’s funny as a legend I don’t even want the title, i bet as chattel slaves we didn’t even want the bible the best part of my career was performing with my idol at a live show, no moment could ever be it’s rival peruse my lyrics then speak them into the universe before a black man remember that I was human first a newer verse for you to do with to sooth your nerves while it’s the perfect companion music when you use the herb here’s the part we credit Carl Sagan while master mathematicians listen to my music while they solve equations ...back at first they said I lacked the purpose now they call me a legend, i feel like i haven’t earned it …this is the power, the recognition that this is ours give me an hour, i’m changing the way you think about it cant be paranoid if everyone’s out to get me if I got to be a legend i’m takin you guys with me this is the next installment in my cosmos series ...symphony of science I got Boswell with me you can find me hangin out where ever truth is lurking in a universe made up of many universes ...Lucifer? Ignorance is the truer serpent Hell you just fell for a newer version chorus x2 when you started rappin you didn’t want to be great you wanted cats walkin across town for cheesecake me i’d rather rock for pete’s sake the spot for dj’s a live crowd or the freeway This is hip hop. The art that oversees change This is what we came to regain true ascension for some they thought never could Probably cuz they’ll gave it all up to chase legendhood
Final Kata 03:44
Embedded in a sea of dark matter my thoughts scattered up looking for odd patterns I’ve been spewing verses since Galileo was shattering “earth centered universe” world views of human servants strong like molecular bond i was in the Hadean aeon writing songs ...how you gonna diss or pretend to be my enemy Critiquing evolution but don’t know biochemistry? that's the great thing about science if you don’t like the hypothesis your welcome to try and falsify it token old men who were still using potions thought Newton mind was broken he discovered motion you value truth then proudly show it its never about what we know, its how we know what we know it … the lyrical sentence that murderers would face like relativity describes the curvature of space is Grey i am the knight the beat is the chessboard so prepare your queen to get forked let’s war put me up against your best sword you aint even that good, i heard you at best fourth you seem them hills over there, head for you still on gucci mane i’m studying red dwarfs they talk to you dumb, you should expect more while listening to us be upping your test scores we teach you physics evolution and chemistry they teach you to hate your fellow human with bigotry we challenge lessons ask questions and scrutinize they challenge questions mask lessons with stupid lies how is it fair between you and I even in a mental exercise you could die, I’ve exceeded the upper and lower bounding limits of astounding digits, using profoundly different algorithms You could’ve came, you had the chance You stayed and left me to traverse the vast expanse the only spiritual I understand is study the pursuit of knowledge is highest regardless if there’s a guy above me you need to look up at the stars and wonder how many species is looking up at ours ....from the moon to mars ...we gon’ be in charge of the lunar barge where scientists are the superstars Ape chatter shaped after great masters 16 bars made from 8 innate patterns the late chapters of man escape raptures afraid slackers and paid actors inflate matters still pick up an eighth... same address then it’s back to the lab to deal with the same madness if i was the insane savage they portray me as I’d steal the fastest spaceship and straight crash it, laughin!


Type II : The Mandelbrot Set

______Type II: The Mandelbrot Set is the fourth studio album by rapper Greydon Square. Type II: The Mandelbrot Set is a double-disc twenty-two track album which features artwork by Chris Cold, illustrator of the the two time Global Award winning album, Type I : The Kardashev Scale, and appearances by Canibus, Syqnys, Gripp, Task Rok, and Tombstone The Deadman. Greydon Square’s first two albums: The Compton Effect and The C.P.T. Theorem featured secular atheism and personal dialogs of emotion and history. Type I: The Kardashev Scale dove into the pseudo-science of futuristic technology and global award winning activism rap, while Type II: The Mandelbrot Set is set to expand further on futuristic civilizations and emotional discoveries of mathematics and symmetry.
______The Mandelbrot Set is mathematical equation that uses a set of complex numbers that when graphed creates an uncanny depth of perception. This set of points whose boundary creates a distinctive and easily recognized two-dimensional fractal shape, comes to life by assigning colors to these numbers as they approach infinity; with each color representing the speed at which they reach this runaway definition. Benoit Mandelbrot, French-American astrophysics and researcher developed this equation in 1980, and was further expressed in the entertaining documentary by Arthur C. Clarke, The Mandelbrot Set (M-set), Fractals: Colors of Infinity.


released October 14, 2012

In association with Grand Unified Theory (@WeRGrandUnified)
Executive Producer Alex Prodoehl (@AJProdoehl)
Artwork & Design Chris Cold
Alternate Artwork & Tim Oliphant (TimOliphant.com)

Music produced by:
Traumah aka Braumah Guru (@TraumahBeats)
Impact (@impact281)
Doug Fenske (@dougfenske)
Andy MAC (@macapella)
Rare Kommidity (@RareKommBeats)
Classik Beatz (classikbeatz.bandcamp.com)
Best Paul (@BestPaul)
Walrus Mageever (@WalrusMageever)
Greydon Square (@GreydonSquare)

Additional Performances include Tombstone da Deadman, C Gats, Canibus, Syqnys, Lady Assassin, Gripp, Task Rok, and Johnny Hoax

**Special Thanks**
Bruce Almighty (www.facebook.com/wergrandunified)
Ike Deez (www.facebook.com/schooloflogic)
Steven Donovan (www.facebook.com/GodIsNotGreat)
Highly Educated Ti Nail co (www.facebook.com/HighlyEducatedTi)
Russell Robinson
Josh Punx Williams
Flawed Perception
Audio Phuture
Flylane Case
Three Grand Heat Beats
Stan Lee
The #GUniverse
Canibus (@DaRealCanibus)
C Gats (@CGats777)

#GU #GrandUnified #GUniverse #UnifiedTheory


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