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Peace Peace. If you've landed here, then you've come seeking the most thought provoking creative content this side of science fiction & fringe futuristic technology. And you've found it. From atheism to Type 3 entities, come be apart of the deepest trans-intellectual thinking you can engage in listening to hip hop.

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The Compton Effect
The CPT Theorem (Re-release)
Type 1 : The Kardashev Scale
Type 2 : The Mandelbrot Set (Double Album)
Type 3 : Omniverse/Aum niverse (Triple Album)
Ryuken Vs - Round 1 : Super Arts
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Unreleased Bonus Music (Updated regularly)
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My eternal gratitude expressed to you and yours for keeping this humble creative employed.

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Greydon Square
Long Beach, California
I hope you enjoy the album everyone. 3.5 years in the making.

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Kyle Ashton
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Kyle Ashton One of my favorite artists. Who else combines great music with science like Greydon.

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