it really boils down to who loves the craft
if its cold in the real world, then passion is my jacket
i want to conjure silly mind breakin rhymes
that you cant express without the error notation sign
that’s what Greydon Square stands for
something you sacrifice not appealing to the dance floor
they told me that I can’t soar
yea, like a lion can’t roar
trying to cope the legendary status I planned for
chasing legends so I rap crazy
spittin crap that you would never expect of a mac baby
another 80’s crack baby claiming rap saved him
the whole package. Half Genius. Half crazy
Rap or hip hop what’s the difference?
they represent the craft with coonery and we’re sick of it
so we’re deliverin’
more cerebral rhymes
for modern medieval times
where justice is redefined
and governments feed us lies
is he your enemy? tell me when see his eyes
i’m on the case i’ll let you know when I reveal the guise
hip hop’s a building about to blow and i’m still inside
i’m the lump in your throat when you feel it rise
that why your voice belongs to them if isn’t yours
there’s more money in the treatments than there is in cures
i only have a short time in this silly world
that why i invest in my rhymes instead of silly girls
fuck a groupie
she could never understand me
this my movie that’s my name up on the damn screen
i put my heart, mind, body and soul in every project
This isn’t Greydon it’s the group home kid Eddie Collins
about to a make promise
and bout to state it honest
til the end to my fans i’ma pay you homage
and i’ll never exploit my music to make a profit
that’s like Andrew Jackson hanging out with Davie Crockett
that’s like tea baggers, and progressives socialising
it rarely happens
like gettin boards over Rodman
in the end, I want to be a hall of famer
who flew under the radar hardcore like Danny Granger
after all my lyrics they’ll rewrite laws of physics
while accumulated haters claim its all a gimmick
in 99 I received an email from myself
saying you can’t do this alone you gon’ need some help
but music comes first second everybody else
do it for the passion never do it for the wealth
and it was signed by a dude named Greydon Square
i was still Apocalypse consumed by anger and fear
so i didnt care
i just kept gang bangin’
doing the same thing nothing in life changing
compassion of the shelf
blaming everyone else
knock you out at the drop of a hat i needed help
i think i was in a search of self but in denial
the military the same shit a different pile
that’s a missionary relationship you on the bottom
while the killer instinct that they turn on they don’t turn off
You really want a ticking time bomb working your office
the socially awkward battle tested poetry author,
What’s funny as a legend I don’t even want the title,
i bet as chattel slaves we didn’t even want the bible
the best part of my career was performing with my idol
at a live show, no moment could ever be it’s rival
peruse my lyrics then speak them into the universe
before a black man remember that I was human first
a newer verse
for you to do with to sooth your nerves
while it’s the perfect companion music
when you use the herb
here’s the part we credit Carl Sagan
while master mathematicians listen to my music while they solve equations
...back at first they said I lacked the purpose
now they call me a legend, i feel like i haven’t earned it
…this is the power, the recognition that this is ours
give me an hour, i’m changing the way you think about it

cant be paranoid if everyone’s out to get me
if I got to be a legend i’m takin you guys with me
this is the next installment in my cosmos series
...symphony of science I got Boswell with me
you can find me hangin out where ever truth is lurking
in a universe made up of many universes
...Lucifer? Ignorance is the truer serpent
Hell you just fell for a newer version

chorus x2
when you started rappin you didn’t want to be great
you wanted cats walkin across town for cheesecake
me i’d rather rock for pete’s sake
the spot for dj’s
a live crowd or the freeway
This is hip hop. The art that oversees change
This is what we came to regain
true ascension for some they thought never could
Probably cuz they’ll gave it all up to chase legendhood


from Type II : The Mandelbrot Set, released October 14, 2012
Best Paul


all rights reserved



Greydon Square Phoenix, Arizona

City on the Type of Forever... is coming...

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