Here we go
You can roll the with crowd, I'm a call societies bluff
Hip hop is a political volcano trying to erupt
When you search my music on google, actual science comes up
These rappers get on the mic and just start lying and stuff
The industry is like the NBA's executives man,
Its hard to get a fair shot with Donaghy reffing the game
But it's cool,
I'm a kick back, and kick it in school
While the rest of these cats turn on radio listen to fools
You can dig pretty deep, if your given the tools,
Just don't be all that surprised when your given the news
All I really said was that your god didn't exist,
And you got pissed enough to get out there and make you a diss
People get sensitive about shit that they know is ridiculous
Like religion, astrology and political differences
Spy-ware on your computers that phone homebase
With information from your emails to your hard drive space
They know exactly what it takes just to get at you
Blood being spilled over diamonds and PS2's
They don't care they throw their Golems in with the Pikachu's
You gotta be some type of idiot to believe the news
Heavily trained soldiers with no war,
No soil to defend no turf or home base
People still dying over beliefs and folklore
With closed doors that really only lead to no place
200 Miles to the gallon we got it
But major corporations bought up the licences and shelved the product
Lately the FBI has been in you basement
These are the symptoms of a type zero civilization
I'll do a song featuring the elusive Higgs Boson
Inside the Large Hardon Collider in case something goes wrong
Just give a call anywhere in the world I'll be there tomorrow
Weather your trying to smoke or you need me to brawl
Just don't think your going to do something like I'm new to the pavement
I put in work and smoke that budda like a rude boy Jamaican
I keep on telling you, letting you know how ruthless this game is
But you keep on insisting on being so stupid and famous
Rappers braggin loud how they smack hoes
But break down to tears when you tell them there's no heaven
Scientists out in the desert creating black holes
But on The Kardashev Scale their only a .7
Aliens would be stupid to visit us
Cause all we do is bicker fuss and fight over little stuff
Earth dying around us, and we to busy to give a fuck
We are the inhabitants of Terra Firma, this is us
Soldiers don't get the credit just Generals
Justice departments are just a corrupt as the criminals
Maybe if we were more direct instead of subliminal
The damages being caused to Hip Hop would be minimal
It's time to take it back


from Type II : The Mandelbrot Set, released October 14, 2012


all rights reserved



Greydon Square Phoenix, Arizona

City on the Type of Forever... is coming...

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