Snowflakes and Flowsnakes

from Type II : The Mandelbrot Set by Greydon Square

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Produced By Impact (@impact281)


Verse 1
You think there must be a secret to tight music
all we do is find dope beats and write to em
...see half of the battle is waged with self
the other half is the audacity to blaze a trail
the most mind porn side of the rabbit hole
that’s hard to depict though like Calabi Yau manifolds
the fact people actually think that i’m dope
...make me not even wanna let you see what I wrote
Don’t tell me that I made it
email me that you hate it
tell me I didn’t blaze it
tell me i’m over rated
...some even say the case presented overstated
even though I came evidence and showed it with equations
you think I care that you dissin me?
i’ll sabotage my own success just to make sure i live in peace
...infinity, is just a description, like spittin
what you do with it determines interest

Chorus (x2)
...snowflakes and flowsnakes
all I want to do is write rhymes and smoke dank
most days creativity wont wait
Its the universe and I study the whole thang
flowsnakes, snowflakes and dope breaks
you dont have to think what i do its ok
but choose you over this no thanks
you can do whatever I'm going my own way

as agents of the police state prepare to move in,
they will do whatever it takes to prevent the zoom in
and you spend your time thinking i’m the problem
like the bling era, an ice age long forgotten
yea i’m wrong for the appeals for evidence
often testing it, all of the physics references
would you have a problem if i said that it was heaven sent?
nah. that’s why your whole position is irrelevant
Not all ideas are created equal
that’s why we use what we do to educate the people
...arrange words in a way that’ll make your brain hurt
and aim to explain existence within a single framework
fuck a name’s worth,
if you just copying another man that came first
these lame jerks, would rather me be somebody else than come original
this used to be a crime in hip hop, now it’s the typical

3rd Verse
they laugh because half of my new cd,
is more than compatible with lattice qcd
....i have to make it
the message has to be extrapolated
and translated into languages of affidavits
shatter proof wormholes suckin matter through
my main research and you want me to halt to battle you?
track you down from your longitude to latitude
from the morning dawn ill have you caught by the afternoon
...i’m mr fantastic in my lab with
all of my gear, to you it seems like a labyrinth’d get lost before you caused any damage
i’d probably end finding you on a whole ‘nother planet
i want to be inside the research that I leave behind
not being sold as a tshirt by the reefer guy
I didn’t open Pandora’s box i just peeked inside,
and saw a world where a plant had been legalized


from Type II : The Mandelbrot Set, released October 14, 2012


all rights reserved



Greydon Square Phoenix, Arizona

City on the Type of Forever... is coming...

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