Rhyme Sickness from Orion Cygnus

from Type II : The Mandelbrot Set by Greydon Square



Rhyme sickness from Orion Cygnus
i can teach an ant quantum physics if it wants to listen
….and I’ve got equations that allow you to star hop
If Doom is Worf then call me General Martok
tougue is bat’leth, while the beat is the bird of prey
if ever challenged to battle i’ll never turn away
lookin for heat without a thermometer search near me
Digital era, i name my songs search queries
it’s not surprising you find inquiry violent
your frightened because I write to the enlightened in science
that’s why i dare you say something
don’t make me come back and collapse your wave function
for trying to play tough when
you should’ve been reading
fact checking peer reviewed teachings
using some basic logic in your reason
it’s open season on this think tank heathen from the deacon’s region,
where no beacon of reason reaches
the deepest secrets, are meant to be relinquished by the teachers
and not to be hoarded by the preachers
a galaxy quest we survive to tell the tale
I’m glad that we left, they made the planet purely hell
enjoy the star view from our rear view mirrors
the secrets of the universe encompassed and sealed in lyric
it’s good to be home
calculate our seeds to be sown
throughout the cosmos
a ship powered by kickin’ raw flows
the culture hip hop a gift to my decedents
a species built from scratch on honor knowledge & forgiveness
you take my blunt, I’ll be back with a flask
right back in the back of the lab dabbin with Task
i’m only the first officer of the flagship
who gon’ say somethin’ to me besides the Captain
I seek deeply in order to speak freely
a combined mind of one Einstein from each species
regress your path and go back through the frame
we rep the Mandelbrot set like its an actual gang
throw up hand signs every time you drag up our name
even if established and famed I’ll battle for change
...this comes from inside, so channel it like i do
everyone dies, what you do alive that defines you
we’re meant to rhyme from beginning of time
the only real battle begins and ends with the mind


from Type II : The Mandelbrot Set, released October 14, 2012


all rights reserved



Greydon Square Phoenix, Arizona

City on the Type of Forever... is coming...

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