Verse I
I live a musically embedded life
in this time i’ve forgotten better lyrics than you’ll ever write
All original i’ll never bite
with Andy Mac choppin up better samples than you’ll ever slice
we wonder how you get to bed at night
waking up in sweats, feedin’ off our fever like a parasite
I think there’s evidence to verify,
that you aint really the boss, you seem like the small errand type
simplify the only way they gon’ understand it
why even I try, these dummies destroy their own planet
its not my rhyme, just in time before the world ends
its actually my rhyme that causes the world’s end
think about it, we still discover pyramids
city sized tetrahedrons that were really hid
you feel me kid, you’ll find them if you really dig
but you wont, you’ve resigned to be a Guinea pig

Verse II
Grab the weed, wrap it up in a banana leaf,
keep it lit, while I’ll try to spit a masterpiece
I even asked which of the lines were most packed with heat
they copy and pasted the rhyme and sent it back to me,
Every time I try my hardest when I sit and write,
while you just want to work and party you’re a different type
headed to another place on a different flight
lyrics coming up shorter than a midget’s height
I’ll spit a hundred times to get it right,
Just to make sure i’m shivering cold like I skinny dip in ice
on a Michigan December’s night
You tried to pitch a strike
but I hit it into a drifting kite,
...You know I’m always lifted right?
Hit the spliff from the early dawn, to when you kiss your kids at night
Unified to achieve perfection
You should side with Mr X, go get blazed and ask the deep questions

Verse III
I’ll barely rhyme and make you use your mind
its kind of hard to play chess when you have to announce your moves in rhyme
only music is the true divine,
….while you worship human ignorance the foolish kind
….as a non believer they call me insufferable
well I’m sorry I’m in trouble for not being gullible
i hear you trying to talk to me like I'm another fool
but its easy to have faith when you have a stomach full
...only bullies run the school
claim they leave no child behind while they implement the dummy rule
i was supposed to die at twenty two
a mercenary in Iraq, Al Ramadi, in the money tomb
how the hell you going to sell me on a master plan
friends still in the service facing down Afghanistan
I’m Magneto in the Savage Land
with my dream and frienemy trying to sell it to the average man


from Type II : The Mandelbrot Set, released October 14, 2012
Produced by Andy MAC (@macapella)


all rights reserved



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