#GU After​-​Party (feat. DJ Zashone)

from Type II : The Mandelbrot Set by Greydon Square



my lyrics describe the physics of the next time
the collisions are even measured in electron volts
you’re trying convince me to find some some Jehovah
I’m trying to find the same god as Spinoza
most of the universe, hydrogen and helium
galaxies in the billions, traces of beryllium
inhospitable to most life that we experience
that’s why we use loose the terms eternity and infinite
but really everything experienced is finite
i got the got the jaws of life ready to pry open your mind like,
...start at tiny large numbers
a couple 1,000,000,000,000
another zero you can stack at the end
each one represents another factor of ten
grow it
...fractals is where the mathematics begin
have to explain in dimensions below the one that you’re in
and show it
this is grossness, fecal matter over dosage
...every emcee is a poet
but not every rapper emcees and you know it
ill believe in miracles
when I see a mainstream rapper perform a lyrical, without lookin’ pitiful
I spit it uber-stupid
with less viscosity than super-fluids
zero friction between me and the music
...people say “the words you use are too long for us”
scientists say the words I use aren’t long enough

Peace to all the emcees that’s using the brain
we flow the same way like longitudinal waves
my quantum state “dead and alive at the same time”
rhyme on the bass line violates space-time
and causality
here’s somethin’ baffling
there’s a galaxy for every star in our galaxy
…I bet you didn’t catch it
for the really big books, I’ll go under the mattress
...we put the gods of yesterday in their respective place
you’re no closer to eternity then you were yesterday
...you just get fly, I’ve been known to levitate
my crew is like individual quarks we don’t separate
knock on my door to debate
your leave with three cds that’ll probably end up changing your faith
its Greydon
no your god didn’t send you to come here to save him
that was your church, they need some more people to pay them
with hell, love gets lost in the message
I’ll send you back to church with more questions than you left with
in a second
at my steps talking about salvation
I need saving like you need Carl Sagan
while you have no idea who that you facing
the only rap played inside the space station
exploration our faith, beware of the rituals
I’m of the senior staff, your red shirt expendable
you would take the away mission point man position
listen! but you won’t, so you’ll get it
right before the scroll of the credits
down the rabbit hole past the quantum foam we jetted

Let me hear you say Grand Unified!
say Grand Unified!
say Grand Unified!
Now Scream!
Let me hear you say Hip Hop lives!
say Hip hop lives!
say hip hop lives!
Hip hop lives.


from Type II : The Mandelbrot Set, released October 14, 2012
Produced by Andy Mac scracthing by DJ Zashone (@laconchaetumare)


all rights reserved



Greydon Square Phoenix, Arizona

City on the Type of Forever... is coming...

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