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"Somewhere in the #GUniverse"

Wanted! Schrodinger’s cat. Dead or alive
proclaims the cosmic guardian that’s embedded in time
I’ve been perusing information since the planck epoch
and 13 billion years later i remain epic
you probably fly on complex planes if you feelin’ me
my rhyme sequences escape me and race to infinity
lyrically, what I spit is self similar
energy, within every rhyme and next syllable
you know he’s the next mr x so lets kill a bowl
Don’t spit if you can’t generate, a fresh millivolt
every rhyme that I kick displays a fractal
revealing hidden landscapes at different scaling patterns
star view? no it’s a galaxy rise
but appears as a bottomless pit with a maddening dive
to us a black hole’s just a gravity slide
we went about our lives as the last reality died
but you weren’t here yet
you weren’t even a fluctuation of quantum weirdness
while we were perfecting art, song and lyrics,
our earliest artilects surpass the abilities of your gods best
you don’t even have a math for the silliness of the objects

2nd Verse
there’s hints of our existence on your moon,
a compendium, but you can only reach it when you’re on the shrooms
you type 1’s just defeated your flesh
thinkin you fresh while we keep planet eaters as pets
....early on, you almost killed your selves
the craft you built, might as well be equipped with sails
compared to us you’re just snails, a jest to the scale
...we get to meet every alternate version of ourselves
travel the Pleiadian cosmic ruins
while snackin’ on extra dimensions nobody uses
for amusement
in 3 dimensional time where we jump forward freeze moments even rewind
you speak of divine while we just see a primitive mind
trying to explain what it can’t in limited rhymes
we are the reflection of life in the night view
a galaxy rise, this is what awaits you at type II


from Type II : The Mandelbrot Set, released October 14, 2012
Produced By Impact (@ImpactProductions)


all rights reserved



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