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I woke up, on my day off feeling robust
bout to toke up, with my main dog who’s a grow buff
he knows stuff nobody knows about the cheeba
grow yields every month from indicas to sativas
roll over to his phat bachelor pad
he holds everything edibles hash wax and dabs
crash on the couch, bout to go half on an pound
pass it around mp3 blastin the sounds
Thick jars with more colors than them Pixar flicks are
roll up the swisher and hit the spliff hard
a good day. What? You aint seein’ me in 2k....
throw it in. Lob City versus LA? touche
...get a game or two chillin with my favorite crew,
the flower girl embedded in everything thing we do
we came we blew, the la got our chests locked
pound of fresh pot and now I’m out to the next spot

....Then it’s peace and i’m off in the wind
trying to avoid the law enforcements again
why pretend
im high and my eyes are glowing red
but rather seeing them I notice other things instead where ever I go
everywhere i look it’s...
(Flowers Everywhere)x2
like where ever I roll and
everywhere i’m lookin’
(Flowers Everywhere)x2

Super blunted on the way to get some munchies
my mind wandering between space and something crunchy
...So hungry I could eat a whole a planet
if the year was 05, I could eat a whole Janet
when you in the store lit
everything looks gorgeous
ice cream or chips with dip, even oranges
even ladies in the store looking eatable
the flower girl type have yo ass cooking vegetables
she says she knows a party blooming with green
and she’ll probably be appearing with two of her team
I said cool
hit me up and we’ll come through
headed home thought about her smile over some food
she probably thinks i’m just the type to hit and run quick
that i’m just lookin for a place to get my blunt lit
wait til she finds out i’m just a musician
just trying to get the vision of his mind out through his lyrics and have you listen

...but now i can’t stop thinking
about the flower girl that I met that evening
plant seekin
inviting me out for mad chiefin’
that promised every room in the house would have weed in

she text me when got there
said everybody had their...
(Flowers Everywhere)x2
with everybody rollin up
and the party growin
(Flowers Everywhere)x2

Every party, seems it’s the same
Everybody’s got drink but finding weed is a pain
but that wasn’t the case when I dropped by
this flower party I even ran into my pot guy
over bob marley
so much smoke in the house the air was clear barely..
joints, bongs, blunts even dabs snare me
i’m fairly certain behind the therapy curtain they’re barely workin’,
this function was eerily perfect
Once I felt a tap on my shoulder it was over
I knew it was her, turned around and she was holding
a super blunt hit held in her lungs
she came closer, had me then inhaling the sum
great company, atmosphere, a ton of weed
flower girls all over the house that want to puff with me
right now I just feel lucky to be
like the plants i was lucky to chief, with my peeps

...We didn’t leave until the sun rose
up all night, breathing trees with some fun folks
games music drinks even dumb jokes
brought to us, by the flower girl everyone knows

We walk out, in the early morning and all we saw was
(Flowers Everywhere)x2
and I notice the first thing I wanted to do was smell the
(Flowers Everywhere)x2


from Type II : The Mandelbrot Set, released October 14, 2012
Impact (@impact281)


all rights reserved



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