Dopamine Kata + Final Notes = Dopamine Notes + Final Kata

Shaolin Monks and Bruce Lee. Win.


Embedded in a sea of dark matter
my thoughts scattered
up looking for odd patterns
I’ve been spewing verses
since Galileo was shattering “earth centered universe” world views of human servants
strong like molecular bond
i was in the Hadean aeon writing songs
...how you gonna diss or pretend to be my enemy
Critiquing evolution but don’t know biochemistry?
that's the great thing about science
if you don’t like the hypothesis your welcome to try and falsify it
token old men who were still using potions
thought Newton mind was broken he discovered motion
you value truth then proudly show it
its never about what we know, its how we know what we know it
… the lyrical sentence that murderers would face
like relativity describes the curvature of space is Grey

i am the knight the beat is the chessboard
so prepare your queen to get forked
let’s war
put me up against your best sword
you aint even that good, i heard you at best fourth
you seem them hills over there, head for
you still on gucci mane i’m studying red dwarfs
they talk to you dumb, you should expect more
while listening to us be upping your test scores
we teach you physics evolution and chemistry
they teach you to hate your fellow human with bigotry
we challenge lessons ask questions and scrutinize
they challenge questions mask lessons with stupid lies
how is it fair between you and I
even in a mental exercise you could die,
I’ve exceeded the upper and lower bounding limits of astounding digits,
using profoundly different algorithms

You could’ve came, you had the chance
You stayed and left me to traverse the vast expanse
the only spiritual I understand is study
the pursuit of knowledge is highest regardless if there’s a guy above me
you need to look up at the stars
and wonder how many species is looking up at ours
....from the moon to mars
...we gon’ be in charge of the lunar barge
where scientists are the superstars
Ape chatter shaped after great masters
16 bars made from 8 innate patterns
the late chapters of man escape raptures
afraid slackers and paid actors inflate matters
still pick up an eighth... same address
then it’s back to the lab to deal with the same madness
if i was the insane savage they portray me as
I’d steal the fastest spaceship and straight crash it, laughin!


from Type II : The Mandelbrot Set, released October 14, 2012
Produced by Impact (@impact281)


all rights reserved



Greydon Square Phoenix, Arizona

City on the Type of Forever... is coming...

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