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Name another packing this much inside a melody
secluded, but when I emerge you’ll get a better me
I’d rather die alone, than to, without a legacy
you, would rather brag about fools committing felonies
truth, just gets ignored
in lyrics, a bigger penalty
screw a hologram my music fulfills my memory
...those aren’t stars they’re galaxies that you’re looking at
i knock planets out of their orbit with a wooden bat
...what do you see when look at rap?
just a hook and crap?
we weren’t impressed so we took it back->
I blame everyone who didn’t demand a better sound
the new generation, the elders even let us down
..too hip hop for the community
too secular for the hip hop community to know what to do with me
they foolishly underestimated what I created
now they hate it
enraged the outcast became the favorite

you would’ve thought that things would’ve changed but
they still sell us saviors
and still let em weigh us down
you’d think we’re just a link in a chain but
they still separate us
and still want to break us down
we’re still on a journey in the making
our purpose for the shaping
that’s not too late to turn around
Don’t let em put the world in the matrix
control the information
exposin’ the game in town

i specialize in particle physics and time folds
I got numbers big enough to swallow a god whole
when I rap I spit a fifth state of matter in fact
i’m Black Bolt. Speech is the most lethal weapon i pack
one whisper in your direction would put you through a mountain
boil the water underneath you and cook you in a fountain
you aint no where in the multiverse that i’m found in
even though i’ve searched clusters and star systems by the thousands
they challenged me to tune a verse
to the perspective view of the elders of the universe
see if you could do it first
to move the earth using words isn’t too absurd
especially if you’re used to moving tools to the lunar surface
the fool emerges
from the school with a dual purpose
As a teacher but also tool merchant
...wander the globe disarming his foes
with his heart held within his palm, his karma enclosed
...his aura glowing orange and gold
and he can calm anybody who says that they aren’t sold with a poem
...this is his mission, to live as a musician as you listen
to him converting parsecs into inches
...a reward for a brain that’s info seeking
ten more reasons for him to study and then he’ll leave em’
a leap into the unknown they might honor
to go to infiltrate the next globe with life on her


from Type II : The Mandelbrot Set, released October 14, 2012


all rights reserved



Greydon Square Phoenix, Arizona

City on the Type of Forever... is coming...

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