2013 Atheist Dreadnought (Lady Assassin, Syqnys, Greydon Square, Tombstone da Deadman, Johnny Hoax, Gripp, & Task Rok)

from Type II : The Mandelbrot Set by Greydon Square



Order of appearance Lady Assassin, Syqnys, Greydon Square, Tombstone da Deadman, Johnny Hoax, Gripp & Task Rok


Feat. Lady Assassin, Syqnys, Tombstone, Johnny Hoax, Gripp & Task Rok

Lady Assassin
That’s right toss your bible, you won’t need it for survival/
We’re the heathens kickin reason for the pagans standing idle/
Propaganda shit is viral, idiotic suicidal/
So I guess we gotta come and wipe this shit out like a tidal/
No bridal, I fuck cause I can/
I refuse to take orders from invisible men/
Oh you say being gay wasn’t part of his plan?/
Then why the fuck he give little girls the parts of a man?/
(I’m just saying)

So you don’t girls that’s alright you’re gay
but you don’t like men, alright ok
so you join the priesthood kinda hide away
they find you with lil chucky watching child’s play
it’s ya boy Syqnys, you know i’m as sick as
Christopher Hitchens’ esophagus is
I mean was
that’s not a diss to hitch
you got it twisted if you thinkin that’s what this is
this is a vicious and a little malicious
diss to religious ignorance so get this
jehovah’s witness and his holy scriptures
off my off my porch before I go and roast this witless
kid and mormon missionaries
cork it with ya
little Joseph Smith and his little bogus visions
yeah coke’s delicious
it’s a hell of a drug
Now tell your wife to put the soap to dishes
and sow my britches
come on man Michael Vick didn’t even have this many dopey bitches
i hope you get this
there’s no forgiveness
for the pope he gives his
cardinals permission
to grope some kids man
it’s so seditious
but i hope the pope goes to the pokey with his little silly hat
can an atheist really rap
can atheist people actually really be feeling that
can a hillbilly eat a philly that’s filled with cats? huh?
did that make more sense than your silly ass
they say the world was created in seven days
thats a weak story, get it a week story
c’mon Grey, can’t you be stoppin the beat for me
every time I say something dope
Grey: “here sorry”
they say there’s no atheists in foxholes
they must have never heard of Greydon in the Army

Greydon Square
Please pardon the A.D. part three
artsy emcee solving equations in Farsi
to bob marley’s catalogue
the world never ended you had it wrong
kids of the 5th babylon
sending you and your cattle on
mastodon stomp every single track i’m on
i have the form, to destroy any rapper who face me
you hate me and its war? Fine go get the A team
oh you want to save me,
it’s only the same thing
Christian Muslim Jew all on the same team
..a mad tradition of last the prediction
that’s indicative the of fear manipulation and ass kissin
that results in cash sent in
that they used to escape taxes with
in the pews spittin sacrilege
im from the system where the bastards lives
taught the people how to challenge the machine and now they’re activists
sure as Kobe scores there will be a holy war
declared in some godly name while someone’s asking show me more
...they wonder where all hip hop artists went
cuz ya’ll often spit softer than kenny lofton hits
define all of this, my hypothesis is
i rose from Apocalypse’s sarcophagus pissed
....GU logo on the rocketship
with everyone watching it knowing stoppin it is sheer preposterous

My rhymes are toxic when they get exposed to oxygen
and probably responsible for the death of a lot of men
and most acknowledge the folly of taking shots at him
or acting disrespectful and risking a mad leviathan
see your philosophy doesn’t mean a lot to me
cause 2 times out of 3 it was used to excuse atrocities
another prophecy equals another failure
another priest reaching for little kids genitalia
oh...so now you’re offended....you say you repented
claim a message from a god but I think you pretended
besides...your god’s arms are much too short to try to box with mine
so stop lying trying to claim he inspired your rhyme
we don’t believe you....you're needing more people
enough to stuff the church till it burst the church steeple
(plus) you lack intelligence...your gospel is irrelevant
sit inside your sermon and heckle you for the hell of it
how many times you’re gonna let them fill your mind with fear
with end world prophecy and obviously we still here
no zombie apocalypse ain’t tumbled down on top of us
and all that mayan calendars stuff is just so preposterous
go grab a slice of life and while you’re at it grab it twice
and ignore the bullshit that you’re hearing would be the best advice
those dudes are charlatans … it’s time to make examples
of traveling shit salesmen with mouths full of samples

(Johnny Hoax)
Come acknowledge the liberation in the right hand of science
You can ditch the holy books found on the nightstands of tyrants
I'm not impressed with cupcake critics and false skeptics
Kirk Cameron, Lee Strobel, William Lane Craig apologetics
Seriously insufficient and it clearly shows
Unless you peer review seeing Jesus in your Cheerios
I feel for those who know it's true amd still oppose
Inner dilemma like Euthyphro livin' on fools gold
I got your god in my sentences with a lower case "G"
with an "S" in parenthesis to honor polytheistic liberties
It goes beyond that, psychics and palm readers
Astrology charts toppin' the list of con artists tryin' to cheat us
Thick in the mix is every one of your leaders
And the only one I can respect is comical Buddy Jesus
Takin' moral high ground in support of wrongful action
I see now the irony touche' Wonka caption
Maintain your freedom to practice remain peaceful
But fuck religious freedom if it's only to enslave people
I pinpoint it as the suspect and the culprit
and let Bruce Almighty shit on that psuedo scientific bullshit

This is so raw/ the atheist roll call//
So watch us get it open like crowbars//
'Cos even a little jab'll give 'em a broke jaw/ We go hard//
and make their little leap of faith look like a pole vault//
A battering ram we jam against oak doors//
stand planted with cannons/ Approach ya'll/ We're famished//
but on a roll with some cole slaw/ Word to the pope//
we're 'bout to give them our own good news: Tom Brokaw//
They call us interlopers/ but I've never been as focused//
'Bout to jam my penny loafers/ in their colon 'til I kick the Stouffer's//
Science is sexy; I belong on a pin-up poster//
These religious nuts pop up like toast or some mini-gophers//
You think there's any hope at all? Lose the foolish pride//
drop the holy books, and pick up some Grand Unified//
Look at things through your human eyes//
(not the crazy ones). Get off the losing side//
I'll leave 'em stir-fried: Moo Goo Gai Pan/ You know who I am//
Rhymes make live bands/ skip beats like, "God-damn!"//
And I'm still tryin'a pick which person to murk//
'cos beating me's Dawkins using his last words to convert//
So if there is a god, he's surely depressed/ that all these atheists//
are certainly blessed/ Never stop for air; I take circular breaths//
and when I step off the stage all the curtains are wet//
from the perspiration. I'll flood the fucking Earth with my sweat//
Go make an ark for that/ or go and make the seas part in half//
anything to validate or prove the way your martyr acts//
'Til then, I'll be causing heart attacks/ on any garbage rapper//
with a harder act/ An artist'll get carved in half//
And for all of ya'll predicting the rapture://
ya'll get on my last nerve/ Pulling us backwards//
Alright then, I guess I'm done killing stuff//
My apologies, Greydon. That's been building up//

(Task Rok)
I think it's easy to believe in a lie.
Some people are high
and looking for a reason to die.
I'm not concerned with a being in the sky.
I'm not concerned with anything
that falls apart when my reasons applied.
I don't believe in anything except my people and I
and the truth with a proof when repeated and tried.
I believe some people are evil inside,
& their guilt makes 'em go and find a steeple to hide.
It's 2013, we need to decide religion is dead;
Too many innocent people have died.
It's over. All of us are waking up,
it's obvious they made it up
to politic and make a buck.
Stealing lands, execution of the infidel.
Self prophesied evolution of a living hell.
I found happiness and everything I did myself.
Y'all can say or prayer or throw a penny down the wishing well it's over.


from Type II : The Mandelbrot Set, released October 14, 2012


all rights reserved



Greydon Square Phoenix, Arizona

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